Terms and Conditions / Privacy Policy

Terms & Conditions

Please read carefully all the following terms and conditions before making a reservation for our services.

These terms and conditions are valid for all services and these are the only conditions to be applied. The contents presented on our website are for people over 18 years old it can be illegible to purchase the services presented using the payment method required on our website.

• Amounts calculated in euros per vehicle or person depending on the type of service hired, all legal taxes included.



• The booking fee (50% of the total amount of the quote) for any type of service must always be paid (by credit card or wired transfer) within 48 hours of the acceptance of our quote and will be refunded up to 72 hours before the start of the service, with the exception of payments by credit card, where only the amount Personal Drivers receives will be refunded after discounting the commission of the company with whom we have an automatic payment agreement, as we are unrelated to these commissions. For services less than 72 hours before they are due to start, payment must be made at the time of booking. The details of the contracted service must be provided in as much detail as possible and are considered accurate.

• Personal Drivers will send a written confirmation with all the details of the requested service reservation. This email will be your voucher for your reservation that should be given to the company’s representative or the person performing the service when it takes place. In case of a reservation for two or more people, the passenger performing the purchase will be responsible for it and will act as an intermediary between Personal Drivers and the other people included in the reservation, accepting all terms and conditions on behalf of the other members of the reservation.

• For the Reservation of Transfers you should mention as much information as possible such as flight number, time, origin or destination, and the accommodation address so that we can provide the best service possible. Personal Drivers will not accept any complaint or reimbursement request when the information is insufficient or incorrect regarding the flight schedule or if you miss the flight; if the luggage is excess or transportation of objects such as a wheelchair, surfboards, or cases for the transport of animals without previous notice. Luggage and personal belongings are the entire responsibility of the client. In transfers for the airport, the departure schedule agreed upon between both parties should be respected in order to ensure the arrival on time to the airport, except in cases out of our control, and that the clients do not miss their flight. The driver will not wait more than 15 minutes after the agreed time and we disclaim any responsibility arising therefrom. Any change to the flight should be informed 24 hours prior to e-mail or through the emergency number as we disclaim any responsibility arising therefrom.

 Personal Drivers Vehicles – If the vehicle chosen for the service is not available, Personal Drivers will replace it with another vehicle with the same quality level even if it is of a different brand. Personal Drivers reserve the right to refuse transportation to customers who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs that might endanger the driver, the vehicle, and other passengers. The consumption of alcoholic beverages and food, as well as smoking, is not allowed inside our vehicles.

• Complaints – All complaints should be reported to the company representative or executor of the service at the time of the same, in writing, in a proper form after which the customer has thirty days, from the date of the completion of the service, to make the complaint and for it to be considered by the company. The company does not accept complaints due to circumstances beyond our control such as delays due to weather conditions; traffic jams, mechanical breakdowns, road accidents, delays caused by other clients, police operations, etc. As well as to forget any personal document, necessary or not, for the realization of the tour/ service inside or outside Portugal; or any objects left in vehicles. All complaints received and substantiated will be replied to within 30 days after notification. All disputes shall be resolved according to Portuguese law in the District Court of Almada, expressly waiving any other.


Personal Drivers have all the insurance required by Portuguese law.
The coverage of our insurance only includes our vehicles and passengers and it is not responsible for any losses or damages which are not directly related to our services.

In case of doubts, suggestions or any emergency please contact our company through the following number +351 913 342 565 or on our contact form or even send us an e-mail to: comercial@personaldrivers.com.pt

Privacy Policy

Personal Drivers is committed to ensuring a quality service to all clients and visitors of the website, as well as aspects that relate to their privacy.

Personal Information
Personal information data will be requested in order to access the bookings area, as well as when making a reservation. Do note that all your personal information will be used solely for making the reservation. Your contacts can be used by our database also for sending newsletters or information about current promotions in our company. Your data will not be transmitted to third parties, but only for the internal use of the Personal Drivers. If you are already registered on our website, you can change your personal details whenever you want, for that you just have to enter your Username and Password.

Information Protection
Security: In order to ensure the security of the data provided and utmost confidentiality, we handle the information provided by you in an absolutely confidential way, according to our internal policies and procedures for security and confidentiality. Whenever credit card information is requested, this communication is done via secure online SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) when you are using SSL-enabled browsers, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. We also use SSL on all pages where personal information data is requested, which means that your information is sent over the Internet in encrypted form. You can check if you are in Safe Mode when you see a padlock or key in the lower right corner or lower-left corner of your screen.

Cookies: When you visit our website, a small text file (Cookie) is created and saved on the disc of your computer. This file by recognizing it will allow you to have easier and quicker access, and customization of the page regarding your online experience. We also identify technical information from your computer when you visit the pages of our website, such as IP address (Internet Protocol), operating system and browser type. We use this information to improve the quality of your visit to our website, and we do not disclose it to entities outside Personal Drivers. Most browsers automatically accept these files (cookies), but you can delete them or have them automatically refused. In the “Help” menu of your browser, you will find how to change these settings. However, if your settings do not allow the use of cookies there may be some features that you cannot use.

In case of doubts, suggestions or any emergency please contact our company through the following number +351 913 342 565 or on our contact form or even send us an e-mail to: vnogueira@personaldrivers.com.pt