In his first job he distributed newspapers. In the second, he delivered gas.
Now he coordinates a team of drivers who transport diplomats and artists.

Vítor Nogueira is proof that the experiences of distributing newspapers and being a firefighter can complement each other and lead to another: being a driver of the CEO of Coca-Cola International in his passage through Portugal.
“They wanted a driver to Friday, Saturday and Sunday with a first aid course,” he says.

At the time, Vítor, 35, didn’t realize that working with his minivan was the first step towards the creation of Driver Tours. However, Vitor quickly noticed the saturation of the tourism market. “There was a lack of solutions for the customers, they drove their cars or they were driven in other cars, I created the intermediate solution.” Personal Drivers was created in August of 2010 and works mainly with hire of drivers with specific training.

There was a lack of solutions. Now I drive cars worth three times more than my home.

Of the cars usually driven are a 1988 Opel Corsa “from a weekly customer”, the BMW 5 series, Audi A8, or Mercedes SLS AMG and even armored, depending on the requests: ambassadors, business managers such as Steve Ballmer, Microsoft, and artists like Madonna are part of the customer base. “I drive cars who worth three times more than my house.” With four permanent drivers and more than 180 contacts spread all over the country and across several European cities, Vitor treats every car he drives as if he were his. And he religiously holds the $100 bill he received as gratification from the CEO of Coca-Cola.

Personal Drivers was registered in August 2010.

In the company work 5 people, but it has 180 contacts in Portugal and cities like London, Paris, Geneva and Berlin.

Source: Mariana de Araújo Barbosa (Diário de Notícias)
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